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He was to speak during a congress held in October, and on October 6 he delivered his maiden speech in America, "The Science of Religion" in Unity House before the International Congress of Religious Liberals. Yogananda later confirmed in The Master Said (1952:6) that his Christmas visitor, Dr. There is a story that makes little sense if Yogananda moved in with the Lewises in Christmas 1920, as one source has it: The first place where Master [Yogananda] spoke in Boston (1920) was a Methodist church located in the neighborhood where the Lewis family lived and where Doctor Lewis had his practice. Yogananda in reply charged Dhirananda for lots of money, charges that were proven false and untrue in court.

You find this stated in SRF books, SRF letters and more.There are traces of the process in Brenda Rosser's book (1991). When he left he was being chased about a lawsuit, and it was not clear when or if he would return to the US.As late as in 1934 the name "Self-Realization Fellowship" was introduced for it, and on May 29 1935 SRF was registered as a church in California. His organization had been an "unincorporated association" (under California law), and had been going by a variety of names: Sat-Sanga, Satsanga, Sat-Sanga Yogoda, Yogoda Sat Sanga Society of America, and many others.He says something similar to "Now you have got your organisation - be happy." It is in the Yogananda biography. Now, If you say you founded a fellowship with a member of another society, one who was unaware of founding anything at the time, and maybe yourself too, is it correct or defensible to backdate a founding year to such an event, and without documents to confirm that it happened?If you stay in a hotel all by yourself, new in town, and then later say, "I came to this country, and by that I founded the fellowship that was made later, 'glidingly'", it does not sound fit, does it?

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What really happened when the guru Yogananda first came to Boston and lived there for a few years? If the blocked or failed memory event happened before Christmas 1920, there is no mention that she was Yogananda's first American disciple - her husband was, the available sources tell: He saw Light in the hotel room of Yogananda on Christmas Eve in the Christmas Night, during their first meeting. And if that is so, the story of Alice Hasey telling her about Yogananda (above) might lose meaning.

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