Windows media player album cover updating

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To play an audio CD or DVD in Windows Media Player 11, follow these steps: To play an item stored on your hard disk, add it to the library following the instructions in the section "Adding Items from Your Computer to Your Library." After the item is added to the library, you can select the media you want to view by double-clicking it in the Library view.If you want to add an item to the Now Playing list, right-click the item and select Add to Now Playing.There are three options for playing audio and video media in Windows Media Player 11.These include audio CDs and video DVDs, media stored on your hard disk, and media accessible over a home network.To get a DVD decoder, search the Web for Win DVD or Power DVD.

I am writing an application to help with recording Vinyl albums to digital format, for use in Windows Media Player and Media Centre.When deciding how to sort, display, and categorize your music, Windows Media Player reads those tags — not the songs’ filenames.Most portable music players, including the i Pod, also rely on tags.I have the recording and track splitting part done, including saving the track information with taglib.I now need to add album art in a way that can be picked up by Media Player.

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The arrows below each tab provide quick access to setting and options relevant to the task of that tab.

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