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It is believed that Lemmy collapsed behind the speakers after the sixth song. UPDATE AT 10.50pm BST Phil Campbell has just guested with with Doro Pesch live on the Wacken stage on a cover of Judas Priest's 'Breaking The Law'.

A gentleman, a scholar, and a rock ‘n’ roll legend, Sir Lemmy of Kilmister is truly a one-off. I think it’s more to do with infatuation, which becomes a habit. You know that opening scene in where Robert De Niro’s saying that their sole objective is to take money off you? We have this tradition in Motörhead that started on the first American tour. He should retire and hand over to a younger man [laughs]. I don’t know, he’s just making a real bollocks of it. How can it be polluted and dreadful and landmines and people starving when there’s enough food to feed them all? If Joseph went for that he deserved to be in a stable.”**But didn’t you become a minister? This guy wanted me to marry him and his girlfriend at The Rainbow [a favourite Los Angeles bar on the Sunset Strip]. She was abandoned by my father when I was three months old so she had to really fight for it and she did a good job.”What values did you learn from your mother? I never went again until was 50 and by then it was all over. So they come in with that and they go out with that.”Can’t you change their mind? It’s incredible.”Have you ever though about getting your hair cut? People come up to me and say, ‘Are you still making records? about women and men, drugs, violence, religion, rock ‘n’ roll, and cooking the perfect dinner for one. The ex-wife got really pissed off so she got into the house – she still had a key – and she stuffed dead prawns into all the curtain rails and put the ends back on. “I once had a doll pushed through my letterbox with a load of pins in the crotch but it hasn’t visibly affected me so maybe the spell wasn’t strong enough or there weren’t enough pins. Very strange.”So what advice could you offer on the subject of women? Always.”Going back to misconceptions, why would anyone think that you’re a racist? If I was a university professor teaching it as a degree I wouldn’t get that.”What’s the fascination for you? I love all that dressing up because that’s what I do; we dress up. Anybody who says that they don’t care about small record sales is just whistling past the graveyard. When that broke up I just didn’t get another job with a good band, really. Then I got a job with Hawkwind, where I didn’t need a guitar.A conversation with Lemmy Kilmister is in one sense like a Motörhead gig. When Lemmy talks about the rock ’n’ roll life, it is with the hard-earned wisdom of a man who has seen it all, done it all, and got the free t-shirt. Everything they think that they know for certain is absolutely wrong. “Well, women don’t look at a lot of the things that we comb so carefully and fit so tightly. Everybody wants to sell albums; that’s why you make them. It’s a good thing that I moved to America because you can’t have them there except in Vegas and Atlantic City. Good manners I learned from her too, which a lot of parents don’t teach their children. Probably taking that gun off that guy because I thought I’d achieved something.”What about when your son Paul was born? I played with Sam Gopal [late ‘60s psychedelic rock band] but that was… This guy [at a 1971 London show for which bassist Dave Anderson had failed to turn up] said ‘Who plays bass? I’ve not met the one yet that makes me want to forget all the others. Go on your own, there’s twenty-six geezers, three ugly birds and no booze. “What I’ve learned about women is that you can never learn about women because they’ll always give you a nasty shock, put it that way [laughs]. The British couldn’t bring much because it wouldn’t fit in their kit bags. You’ve got to give it to American ingenuity.”You’ve lived in Los Angeles for a long time but do you still think of England as your home? It’s unbelievable.”So do you enjoy both places generally? I say to myself, “Maybe a left one’ll go sometime and one of these will come in handy”. Really, people like us as an attitude but they don’t buy the albums; they don’t listen to the new music. Maybe once I was thinking about it but it didn’t pass beyond stage two of the thinking. If you take a girl to a party at least five other women – absolutely wonderful – will be looking at you across the room and brushing by you and everything. Murphy’s Law, I suppose.”What have you learned about women in your time? I’ve got six left boots at home - those white ones I wear - because I wear the right ones out first. Boy oh boy, I’ve got T-shirts.”When you’re at home do you cook for yourself? My speciality is steak fried in parsley butter with fried potatoes, some green beans, maybe some lima beans too. I get the best steaks from Omaha Steaks International – a fork’ll cut them. That’s one thing we really don’t have hold of in England, they’re cut all wrong.”How do you like your steak? I mean, it’s been a long career but it’s been fraught.

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