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With a wide palette of tools in Logic, you’ll create sounds that will inspire for generations to come, and with this knowledge internalized, you'll have the ability to program any piece…Learn more about LESSON 8: Synthesis It is finally time to talk about the aspect of the electronic music that most of our students go bonkers over – that is, how to make BEATS!!Step into a commercial studio with you mentor, and see how these tricks apply to recording sessions with other musicians…

Understanding the manipulation of audio as the tools evolve over time is a trait shared by the most successful in this industry.Learn Electronic Music Production with Logic Pro as you apprentice under an electronic music composer, dance music producer, or touring DJ in their studio. The Recording Connection’s Logic Pro Electronic Music Production program prepares aspiring producers for careers in music by providing them the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of electronic music production including arranging, composition, synthesis and much more!This program is great for students interested in learning EDM, Hip Hop, IDM, live DJ or any other kind of electronic music creation.EDM production is at the forefront of change, powered by driven, enterprising artists who are crushing age-old assumptions and changing the music industry forever.Elements of electronic music are found across the spectrum of today’s music.

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Through the exercises in our curriculum, the student learns how to use Logic as a rapid tool for writing, and begins to produce a 5-song EP, to be refined with each subsequent lesson in the curriculum.