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Perelman argued that, as executor of Claudia's estate, he had a duty to sue, because decades ago Robert had promised the money to Claudia.

Even by modern standards of dysfunctional-family estate battles -- think of the Astor clan -- this one was a lulu. He suffers from a rare neurological disease that has paralyzed him, rendering him all but speechless.

He responded by summoning the roughest trial lawyer he could find to his New Jersey office.It was the kind of A-list event that Cohen herself might have covered in her days as one of the city's preeminent gossip columnists: The boldface names in the crowd included Donald Trump, Jon Bon Jovi, and Calvin Klein. One of her former suitors was there: former Republican senator Alfonse D'Amato, who had announced his love for her at a press conference.The first love of her life was there too: her father, Robert Cohen, sitting erect in his wheelchair.After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania and its Wharton School, he went to work for his father, Raymond, a fiercely disciplined and unsentimental buyout artist. When he was 35, Ronald Perelman struck out on his own, borrowing money to buy a chain of jewelry stores.Then he acquired a stake in Mac Andrews & Forbes Group, the licorice-extract maker that would eventually become his main holding company.

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He needs round-the-clock attention from a team of nurses who bathe, dress, and feed him, and make sure he doesn't choke.