Who is nathan kress dating right now

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This episode then ends with a cliffhanger, and was resumed on the episode after i Party with Victorious, which is i Lost My Mind.

This episode is counted as a special, even though it's a regular length episode. Principal Franklin: [Voice on intercom] Warning: If you fall asleep, the school is not responsible for anything that Sam Puckett might draw on your foreheads. Freddie: [Smells guacamole suspiciously] What did you put in the guac? Carly: But your webshow can smell like this webshow... Carly: [To Brad] And Sam doesn't give out a lot of compliments Freddie: Usually it's insults followed by beatings Sam: Hey! Freddie: [Puzzled] You're asking if you can help us?

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He is an all-around nice guy, along with growing up under the wing of his overbearing mother Marissa Benson.

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