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Eventually, Sam Phillips got Winfield 'Scotty' Moore and Bill Black to record some songs with Presley.

They recorded a version of Arthur Crudup's 'That's All Right (Mama)', backed with Bill Monroe's 'Blue Moon of Kentucky'.

When he earned enough money from his job at Loew State Theater, he would dress himself in clothes from Lansky Brothers on Beale Street.

Throughout his career, he worked alongside renowned actors, such as Walter Matthau, Angela Lansbury, Charles Bronson and Mary Tyler Moore, though his credibility as an actor was far from concrete; he was often cast in light-weight, pithy films that did little for his reputation.Following his time in the army, his success continued to grow, as did his appetite for alcohol and amphetamines.Among the first tracks launched after his release were 'It's Now Or Never' and 'Are You Lonesome Tonight?Elvis Presley's debut album was self-titled and was released in 1956. His performance on The Milton Berle Show earned him the title 'Elvis the Pelvis' due to his gyrating movements.As a result, when Elvis appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show, he was only filmed from the waist up.

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When DJ Dewey Phillips played 'That's All Right' on his radio show, listeners called in, eager to find out who the singer was.