Who is leland chapman dating 2016

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Who is leland chapman dating 2016

After leaving the show, Leland Chapman formed his own Bail Bond Company.

In addition, he also carried his dad’s business named Da Kine Bail Bonds in Hawaii.

Leland Chapman was born on December 14, 1976, in Groom, Texas, United States. At the same time, his parents divorced and his mother married to another man.

Furthermore, Leland had not the right to see his father.

So to blame an ex girlfriend for you being a worthless parent is a new low even for you.

Right before the breakup we were getting ready to do a blog about how horrible Jamie was looking.

You act like a 16 year old boy who just saw his first pair of big ole' fake, crooked tittes. You know WTF is up and you make no attempt to do anything about it......except for maybe try to play Houdini on social media to make it look like you're broken up. I'll be the first to blog about it if you do ever get it right.Sure, Myk does her bullshit with your websites, friends, family and life but you allow it. You're wasting all your energy in a LITTLE GIRL who puts all of her energy into making you and your family look stupider than usual, who isolates you from your friends, family and fans, who is openly racist against your child and her mother, who acts and dresses inappropriately in front of your children, who drinks like Linsdsay Lohan on NYE 24/7, who drinks and drives and drives on a revoked license while on bond with YOU as her bondsman. Quit looking for it in young, dumb, drunken, classless whores. But truth be told, you're almost 40 years old and still haven't....... You're supposed to uphold the law, not tip toe around it to benefit your alcoholic girlfriend. You want out of that ridiculous relationship with the drunken whore? Do you think we're lying when we say that you're your own worst enemy? Do you not see that Myk is provoking this situation just to turn around and cry about it? They also have two sons together named Dakota Chapman and Cobie Blaine Chapman.After separating with Maui, Leland began dating with Lynette Yi and also welcomed a daughter named Leiah Breanna Chapman.

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Later Leland established a new company, Chapbros Media along with his brothers, Duane Lee and Wesley Chapman.