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Who is holly weber dating

Holly Weber may have started out as a go-go dancer with braces, but it didn't take long before she was being flown around the world as a highly sought after model.

Although she prefers lounging on the beaches of Orange County to the craziness of L.

When I realized I couldn’t make Holly wait anymore I executed with precision and according to plan! It worked out perfectly, our friend got to the beach just in time to catch a few long distant shots, and then slowly creeped forward for the rest.

I couldn’t have gone better if I planned it myself…oh wait, I did!

(Side note: when we set up our initial date, we realized we lived in the same neighborhood!Holly and Mark’s masquerade wedding at Palos Verdes Golf Club was so much fun!We had only skyped with them prior to the wedding, so we were so excited to finally meet them!When the time came, I freaked out and decided to cancel the date last minute!I had been on one other date from Match, which went horribly wrong, and decided that based on my prior experience, I did not want to go.

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A., with a number of films under her belt, Holly's life is surely about to get nuts.