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Whilst wandering around Billingsgate fish market one day, he was approached by a shadowy figure, named Oswald, who was handing out leaflets with a black cross sort of shape on them.

True to form he found a punter gullible enough to part with cash money for said item & thus his 1st business venture was founded & only came to a halt some years later when Lotusman inadvertently died just before the police got involved.Some time later, (no one is sure of the precise time, date, or location), Mosleus met Ecclescake.With Eccelcake’s financial acumen, and Mosleus experience in the field total domination, the current Formula One empire was founded.Indeed it was Maxwellhousen who instructed the young Ecclescake that there was a very special market for such items & that merely knocking it out on his usual Saturday morning street corner was a wasted profit opportunity.It was Bernie's Saturday morning street corner activities that first inadvertently arose his interest in fast machines as he found that simply running away from the coppers was a non-starter with his diminutive legs & thus he needed some fast transport.

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At various times this season, Ecclescake was seen searching for crosses and pieces of wood, while he spent the rest of his time burning what he found.

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