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Michael and Christine physically touch often and spend a lot of time alone together.

Their behavior does not change when Eric is present.

Dear Meddling: This type of nebulous or confusing relationship behavior is never fun to witness, but it is not unusual for a big transition like the first year of college where students often push relationship boundaries.

Unfortunately, this is not your relationship, and there is not a lot that you can do to make your high school friend grow up and engage in a more mature relationship.

Whenever my niece or nephew (they are my brother’s kids) do something great (get into a top college, win a scholarship, look beautiful in a picture, become the top football scorer) my dad and my sisters and I all say something to them like, “You got that from our side of the family” or “You got that from me,” or “You are smart because of us.” We say this to show them how proud we are of them.

I have heard (third-hand) that my niece thinks that we are jerks because her mom “makes more money and is more educated than all four of her aunts put together.” Is what we have been saying wrong? My brother is the only one of us with children, so we like to see some of ourselves in his kids. Dear Wondering: Not having children shouldn’t make you so dense regarding what is wrong with what you are doing, which is to basically claim another person’s success as (partly) your own.

All you can really do in a situation like this is to be present for your friend.

Let him know that if he wants to talk, you are available.

Christine is very controlling and manipulative toward Eric.They enjoyed a low-key dinner at a restaurant before moving on to a pub and finally a friend's party - all of which passed without incident.Traviss is the antithesis of the tattooed Fielder-Civil, whom Winehouse married in 2007.Knowing that someone is there for him when he’s being overshadowed may give him the courage to stand up for himself.If this behavior continues and you start to suspect that he is being physically or emotionally abused, assure him that you are in his corner, and suggest that he make an appointment with a counselor on campus.

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His daughter's former heroin-addict husband Blake Fielder-Civil, on the other hand, would more likely feel a foot in his rear.

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