Who is actor edward norton dating

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Who is actor edward norton dating

“I know a lot of actors that don’t know the lines in three or four takes anyway,” Norton said.

“Truth is, it wasn’t goofball or lazy, it was a very interesting way of coming in and trying to keep the work fresh.” While most fans wouldn’t naturally associate Norton with Method acting, he actually believes this derives from a misuse of the term from its very origins.

Edward Norton (born August 18, 1969) is an actor best known for movies such as ' Fight Club,' ' The Incredible Hulk,' and ' Primal Fear.' Find more Edward Norton pictures, news and information below.

Anyone watching movies for the last 20-plus years knows the work of Edward Norton: Whether it’s his Oscar-nominated turns in “American History X” and “Birdman,” his iconic turn in “Fight Club,” or fan favorites “The Illusionist” and “The 25th Hour,” Norton’s ubiquity has made him a fixture in American cinema.

In addition to acting the multi-talented Thespian has worked as a film director, producer and screenwriter.

Norton's acting ability has seen him twice nominated for an Academy Award.

Of course, there is a veteran wisdom in this, because that doesn’t matter because its not a play on stage.

He would bring it out of himself very fresh, and after three or four he would go ‘I got it” and he would just do it.” It was a notably fresh approach in contrast to other performers.

Norton was not only at HIFF to receive kudos for his previous work, but was promoting an upcoming surfing documentary titled “Bunker 77” that he is executive producing.While many consider this a cop-out as an actor, Norton had a much different experience on set with Brando.“I thought he was hampered by the genre,” Norton said.“I’d rather go watch Jacques Audiard’s new movie than anything I’m in.” Why Audiard, the French director behind last year’s Palme d’Or-winning “Dheepan”? “He’s a French filmmaker who not nearly enough people know, who made ‘The Beat my Heart Skipped,’ ‘A Prophet’ and ‘Rust and Bone,’ which is as phenomenal of a triptych of films as I’ve ever seen.” During the talk, Norton spoke about actors that he felt were truly iconic and how they inspired him.While he mentioned Cary Grant and Harrison Ford, he spent a great deal of time talking about Marlon Brando, who he got to work with on the 2001 heist film “The Score.” Brando is infamously known for using an earpiece where someone would read him his lines right before they were to be recited.

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’ I felt like I hardly knew anyone who had the reputation of these great enfant terribles of the stage.

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