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White shadow chat room

I find it strange that other people would envision similar shadowy figures.

I fought them, dare I say I killed some of them and cast them down to hell to await judgement.

I could see my brother in his bed and I was trying to get back in my body.

Sp mostly happens to me while sleeping on my back but have had several time when I sleep on my side.

The strangest thing is that when in enter sp while sleeping on my side, when I sit my torso up to look around, I feel the distinctive spinning one feels when you stand up fast from touching your toes and you regain your balance.

At that moment, a hideous voice said audibly, "we're gonna kill your children!

"Another time the demonic figure with glowing eyes was at the side of my bed and leaned over my head and pressed towards me to attack.

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I believe what the Bible teaches about demons and that there is a spiritual dimension that is unseen to our human eyes. I have yet to find a commonality as to why sp happens or what causes it but as sure as I know the reality we know and live in everyday, I know these are not hallucinations.

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