When should dating turn into a relationship

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Once she has that taste and feels that it’s ok to let loose, she will desire raw masculine power and want to get tossed around and be physically satisfied.

Often times women use sex as a tool for securing a high value man or provider () it seems to be more probable that when they are around a ‘real’ masculine man(alpha), they want to him as much as he wants her.

Her feminine energy is pulled to that masculine energy and she knows that around this manly man, she can be her pure feminine self, too include being horny & sexually open, even a wife of two decades can become your slut like never before.

It is up to , so I’m going to cater my message to the married man.

The blog has since evolved and become a partnership between myself and Craig James as well as expanding from just the blog to also including our Podcast and The Fraternity of Excellence, an online fraternity where like minded men who are looking to improve their lives come together to forge bonds and turn the tide on those actively working against masculinity thriving.

I never have the intention of providing advice that will lead men to imploding their marriage, but when you change the rules of the relationship there is no guarantee that she will want to play under the new terms.

Don’t worry about what she did with whomever else or whether they had a larger cock, better technique, different positions and locations; get the sexual life you want or get rid of your woman because you’ll that slut out by being a man who gets women to do whatever is necessary to keep her focused on him.

This information is for the men out there who’ve already recognize the prioritization of the female imperative in our society, understand the complexity of the attack on masculinity, as well as being cognizant of all aspects of hypergamy and sexual attraction.

Whether she was your slut before you got complacent as a man or maybe you’re trying to get it out of her for the first time, it makes no difference in what elements are needed to get it out of her. Let’s not forget to mention the elephant in the room.

She may have been some dudes little fuck toy before you and if she loved to role play for him and won’t wear lingerie for you, their prior relationships and sexcapades were earned by that previous man.

To them I say this: if you decided to forgive/get over your girl’s past, then you anything as she doesn’t owe you shit.

You also cannot approach this from an authentic position if you’re lost in your head trying to out-fuck ghosts.

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