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Phishers love to send out fake emails from trusted senders (e.g. These may include a link to a false website specifically designed to spoof the look of the real thing – a bank, university, or even a government site.In some cases, the email may ask you to reply to verify information or respond to an enticing job opportunity.Hackers were demanding big bucks for the return of a user’s files.When researchers at Talos Intelligence traced the infection back, they determined that it probably began with a falsified software update to Me Doc, a Ukranian accounting system.

Think of all the info you store in there – personal photos, text messages, email, apps, and the like. Caroline Gleich was a successful pro skier with an active Instagram feed and a lot of followers.

He wipes his Android phone using the manufacturer’s reset directions and posts it on e Bay.

Then Avast comes along, buys his phone, and uses off-the-shelf digital forensic software to recover personal photos, emails, and text messages. It can be very hard to erase your data from a drive or a storage card completely.

Even university sports & club websites can be mined for specifics. This is a hypothetical situation that Google’s anti-abuse research team tested on the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus. Imran Uddin was a University of Birmingham student looking to improve his grades. If you’re working at a communal computer or workstation on campus, you may also be exposed to infected software or files.

These stats and stories aren’t meant to scare you (well, maybe a little). In the guide below, we cover some of the most common cyber security attacks you’ll encounter on campus and what you can do to fight back! Using a keylogger – a shadowing device that records keystrokes – he was able to steal staff passwords, access exam grade software, and increase five of his test scores. And you’re leaving traces of your own digital prints (e.g. In 2017, a variant of the Petya group of ransomware tore through worldwide computers, attacking companies like Merck and Maersk.

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