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XD HAHAHAWe LL i really love wangxun to act in A cool drama like Love at the corner! so haappy to know that from now on they are many fans of wangxun who so addictive to them just like me..hahaha.. I was thinking we can capitalize on one that's already set up like the one Chelly or Ashley posted, then we all join and focus on updating WX stuff there? : X Haha for the Wang Xun drama,you mean Xiao Xun can act as a "cold' girl who's actually very warm-hearted? and ofcourse i want many kissing scene of wangxunbecause their kissing scene in BSC are full of love XD blogs!! Sounds like her role in BSM-I am thinking of doing up a Wang Zi fanclub-specialise its base in Singapore-my friend's a Wang Zi fan in SG and she hopes to set up a Wang Zi only fanclbu there.there is a BBT fanclub in SG but not for wang zi only i guess... man there are some users on woo who also said they want to see Wang Xun in another drama agai N! hehe-love team of the centuryy and in yesterday's epi of WAHSH-aww no wangxun Hmm, actually i wanted xiao xun to act as someone who is very cool and cold type.. and wang zi would be the one who chase her and melt her heart and eventually they fell in love.. XD i hope that lollipop well perform at the concert that heygirl is going to be in (with fanfan)!!! We Luv MFBBTHey Girl Yea I know there have been many comments about Wang Xun.stuff n all since they first collaborated in HTQXZ-oh well, I dun really bother about them coz those fans r just plain jealous! lol Well at least we all know that Wang Zi is the closest didi to Xiao Xun amongst all the other didis right!! In The Legend of the Brown Sugar Chivalries he was paired with Ya Tou then Xiao Xun. sorry if its from drama i dont know wang zi for long, i just recently watched Brown Sugar Macchiato a fallen for Wang zi x Gui Gui couple *__* rhis schocked me cause I really dont like Xiao Xun and she does not look good next to Xiao Yu and next to Wang Zi too Wang zi and Gui Gui of course, I think it's disgusting to see Wang Zi with XX, sorry people. BUT I choose Gui gui, she suit him the best, but I dont really care if xx and wang zi is toghether, cause gui gui is Arron's; D People dont kill me:) omg, TOTALLY Wang Zi and Gui Gui.

thats a pretty good idea, but i dont write in my blog alot.... and that is just dumb, xiao xun isnt stealing anyone!!!! i really love that they always picked each other in some games or interview! and lets keep supporting wangxun love okay.whatever blog you guys want to create, just tell me..

However, there is only one catch: they must attend the same school and live together in the same house for a year.

In the end, they become from total strangers to close brothers, as well as making themselves adaptable to the changes in their life.

and i agree with _An Dre W_ 's idea of character if they were to act together again. wangxun looks so closed in every games and everytime they met! she is soo cute when she mentioned abt the love life thingy..

and someone said that xiaoxun is full of love in her eyes!

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XD we have a new sister's here XDkindly Wel Come Pearlyn and Tran Hoang Nam As a New Member Of Wangxun Family XDwelcome girls! XDhey girl will not be the guest in lollipop concert ♠sad♠i'll guest wangxun will be sad because they can't be together again!! Chellysome rumor that one of the hey girl have a commitment in one member of lollipop..=(Mei, may i ask what you mean by this? what i mean is they have a memorable moments together* diana-haha jie shurie..=) uhmm..i mean theres a rumor that one of the member of hey girl will be dating in one of the member of lollipop ( i think it is xiaoman and xiaoyu) hahahaso that wangxun get involved in that issue then andy ge not allowed hey girl to be with lollipop again.i hope someday andy ge decide to have a new hei tang again and wangxun iare the couple ..=) if that's happened i will kiss andy ge..hahahayehey!!

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