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Isn’t almost every part of life a season of waiting? Waiting to find that community of believers to be a part of. Waiting to get your college education and start your career. ❤ So thrive in Him today, wherever you are, beautiful reader. Finding Joy in the Lover of My Soul Practicing Purity & Pursuing Righteousness in Romantic Relationships Boys … Thoughts on Dating and Marriage *** by Shelley Black.

It’s not like once you meet the man God has for you and get married … He is by your side in every season; and in every season, our first and deep desire should be to grow closer to Him – to glorify His name and seek first His kingdom!

Great writing, and fantastic little details during conversations that made the conversations flow naturally.

“I’m familiar with lonely.”* And so the story begins… And maybe even 4.5 stars (yes I’m vacillating), but I’m going to wait until it all comes together to reevaluate (which is what I often do when I complete duets and trilogies). I adore her, and her taste in books (she loves the shock and pain and elation of emotional angst and crazy endings, like I do).

I don’t like “single” to define me, because it often is associated with negativity.

Regardless of our friendship or maybe in spite of it… * Thank you, Maryse, for making me feel vindicated, lol! And having the comments from my blog peeps with it if just gahhhh!

Frankie is so darn adorable (much like our very own Robin Hill), and Darian is…well, Darian is swoon…thud!!! So when her friend bailed on her at the last minute, Frankie decided she’d attend the concert on her own and have fun.

I just stayed up all night bl I couldn’t put it down. “It feels like we’re dating.” Darian stiffens beside me, and my gaze drops to his fingers wrapped tightly around the armrests. “I don’t mean it like we’re serious or anything.” “Because, Francesca, I… Normally more reclusive, she was going to live by her father’s last words and live a little. She wants to be back in the safety and comfort of her cozy log cabin in the woods.

So well written and ready to get my heart torn apart! I knew I would like the story, but I didn’t expect a debut author to be so… I was shocked that our little Robin wrote those steamy love scenes!!

Robin is giving me the feels we’d get from our old school books! There are certain books that a reader just connects with from the very beginning and for me, this is one of them.

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Cheryl: Listening to Bastille – World Gone Mad while reading the prologue in Waiting for the Sun. It was good (because of the solid writing and how real the characters felt), albeit, not incredibly addicting… I cried twice, at two VERY different moments and for two very different reasons. I almost emailed the author to give her a piece of my mind about… Francesca (Frankie) had a fun-filled weekend planned with her very best friend at an outdoor indie rock concert. If it wasn’t for the diner where I work, I could easily go weeks without seeing another human. I’m more of an antisocial caterpillar who’s yet to don a pair of wings. But when she arrives at her hotel, and is told there are no rooms reserved for her, nor are there any left (all the hotels are booked due to this huge concert), she’s ready to hightail it back home and forget about being adventurous.

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