Vashtie dating 2016

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Vashtie dating 2016

Selfish Cunt, Pre, London 24/08/2008: Kashpoint @ Moonlighting, London 30/08/2008: Offset Festival, Hainault 10/09/2008: Brave Exhibitions @ Macbeth, London 12/09/2008: Nouveau Casino, Paris 19/09/2008: 333, London 25/09/2008: Girlcore @ Catch 22, London 27/09/2008: Sick of Nature @ Old Blue Last, London 03/10/2008: The Vortex, London 10/10/2008: The Orwell, London 19/10/2008: Hayward Gallery, London 28/10/2008: The Social, London 31/10/2008: Vazoween @ Lee's Palace, Toronto 14/11/2008: Circus, Krakow 19/11/2008: Punk, London 04/12/2008: Maggot, Wolfgang Tillman's Studio, London 13/12/2008: Duckie @ Royal Vauxall Tavern, London 17/12/2008: Musicalia @ Last Days of Decadence, London 18/12/2008: Hoxton Bar w. Shit Disco 15/9/06: Club Lippy @ Vauxhall Tavern 21/9/06: Sin, Charing Cross Road, with Lancaster Bombers 11/10/06: The Art of Parties, Glasgow School of Art 12/10/06: ICA Frieze art fair afterparty 13/10/06: Bistroteque, Wadeson Street Hackney 19/10/06: Buffalo Bar, Highbury and Islington 27/10/06: Hoxton Bar and Grill, with Selfish Cunt CANCELLED!!!

LCD Sound System, Kraftwerk, Copenhagen 22/08/2010: Wyoming Building, E 3rd St., NYC 10/09/2010: Ssion and No Bra collaboration, 90 Ludlow St. Fischerspooner 05/07/2009: Music Hall of Williamsburg w. Fischerspooner, New York 05/09/2009: Toads Place w. Fischerspooner, Washington DC 05/12/2009: Santo's Party House, New York 06/11/2009: Flying Duck, Glasgow 06/13/2009: Middlegender, Lyon 06/19/2009: Sassoon Gallery, London 06/27/2009: Collapsing New People @ Macbeth, London 07/02/2009: The Sect @ Catch, London 07/26/2009: 1234 Shoreditch Now Festival, London 08/19/2009: Pianos, NYC 08/20/2009: Bruar Falls, Brooklyn 08/30/2009: Ruby Lounge, Manchester 09/06/2009: Offset Festival, Hainault 09/11/2009: The Fridge, London 09/17/2009: DE PLAYER, Rotterdam 10/25/2009: National Portrait Gallery, Collaboration with the Raincoats 10/02/2009: 93 feet east, London 10/09/2009: Mid_E festival, San Sebastian 10/31/2009: Starr Space, Brooklyn 11/27/2009: Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin 12/05/2009: Scala, Leipzig 2008 10/01/2008: Goldsmith's College, London 02/02/2008: Collapsing New People @ Macbeth, London 10/03/2008: New Cross Inn, New X, London 04/04/2008: Club Cool White Hart Whitechapel, London 16/04/2008: Decasia @ George Tavern, London 18/04/2008: The Egg Kings X, London 02/05/2008: Le sonic, Lyon, France 10/05/2008: Academy, Manchester 16/05/2008: Whitechapel art gallery, London 19/05/2008: Bush Hall, London 22/05/2008: NY society for ethical culture w Rammelzee, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and Ian Svenonius, NYC 28/05/2008: The Cock, NYC 29/05/2008: The Beaver, Toronto 31/05/2008: The Smell, Los Angeles 02/05/2008: Club 740, Los Angeles 03/06/2008: Situationss @ Dunes, Portland 07/06/2008: Flexbar, Amsterdam 28/06/2008: La Bellevilloise, Paris 04/07/2008: The George, Dublin 12/07/2008: Jardin des Tanneurs, Metz, France 17/07/2008: Wet Dog album release at Catch 22, London 18/07/2008: Decasia @ Whitechapel Art Gallery, London 30/07/2008: Calling All Tribes, Ghetto, London 13/08/2008: Black Balloon @ Punk, London 20/08/2008: 100 Club w. THE GOSSIP 19/09/07: Super Super Party London Fashion Week 21/09/07: Copenhagen venue tbc 28/09/07: Club Plastic Milan 04/10/07: Centre Pompidou, Paris 06/10/07: Nuit Blanche, Amiens 10/10/07: Underground Music Festival, Lausanne 19/10/07: Disgraceful Behaviour, Sheffield 30/10/07: The Social, London 02/11/07: La Fleche D'Or, Paris 14/11/07: Corsica Studios, London (w Cobra Killer, Kap Bambino) 27/11/07: Fish’n’Chips, Rome 2006 23/3/06: London, Camden Enterprise 9.00pm 06/4/06: London, Metro 06/4/06: London, 291 Gallery 29/4/06: Southend, Junk Club with Horrors, Xerox Teens 05/5/06: Windmill Brixton 22/5/06: single release 28/5/06: Rough Trade Neal's Yard, Covent Garden, 4pm 02/7/06: Potty Mouth @ Spread Eagle, Kingsland Road 05/7/06: The Macbeth Pub, 70 Hoxton Street, w Selfish Cunt 07/7/06: Architecture Foundation Old Street 15/7/06: Corsica Studios Elephant and Castle 21/7/06: Blumenbar, Kunstverein Munich 30/7/06: Vibe Bar Brick Lane with Beastellabeast 01/09/06: De Nieuwe Anita, Amsterdam, GLU release party 09/9/06: Young and Lost Club @ FROG, w.

I'M GONNA THROW CHAIRS AROUND AND THEN I'M GONNA THROW MYSELF AROUND AND THEN I'M GONNA CUT MYSELF 23 TIMES. THE GOSSIP 04/09/09: URA Istanbul 07/09/07: Academy Birmingham w. 23/9/05: The Machine Room, 82 Queensland Road, Holloway, with Victim, Country Teasers 24/9/05: T Bar, Shoreditch High Street, "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" 29/9/05: Public Life with Thieves Like Us, 82 Commercial Street, Spitalfields 8/10/05: Safari, Great Eastern Hotel 11/10/05: Ziegfrid Hoxton Square, Residence Gallery's "Last Chance Cafe" after party 15/10/05: Kashpoint, KOKO, Camden High Street 30/10/05: Pound Shop, Hoxton Bar and Grill 23/11/05: Mutiny, The Black Horse, 168 Mile End Road, Whitechapel 10/12/05: Hernoise exhibition South London Gallery, with Kim Gordon and others.

Patrick Wolf 09/06/07: Ladyfest, Copenhagen 14/06/07: Barden's Boudoir, London 20/06/07: Berlin Hilton, Berlin 21/06/07: Catch 22, London 25/06/07: UEA Norwich w. THE GOSSIP 10/07/07: G'n'D London Slava Mogutin/Brian Kenny aftershow 11/07/07: Rock City Nottingham w. Selfish Cunt, Some Product @ On the Rocks 2005 23/7/05: Ye Olde Axe Stripclub, 69 Hackney Road 9/8/05: Comanechi record release party, White Heat, Madame Jojo’s, 8-10 Brewer Street, Soho 18/8/05: On the Rocks, 25 Kingsland Road 19/8/05: The Cock, 1 Falconberg Court, Soho 22/8/05: Gauche Chic, Ghetto 1/9/05: Electrogogo, Madame Jojo’s, 8-10 Brewer Street, Soho 15/9/05: Cargo, 83 Rivington Street, Resonance FM night 16/9/05: Barfly Camden, 49 Chalk Farm Road 17/9/05: Super Blow, Kemistry Gallery, 43 Charlotte Rd.

Blondes 05/05/2012: Submercer NYC for Artists Space 07/09/2012: Le Baron NYC 07/31/2012: Home Sweet Home NYC w.

Telepathe, Brooklyn 04/11/2012: Pyramid Club NYC w.

I USED TO SHARE A SQUAT WITH NINA HAGEN IN CAMDEN, AND SHE USED TO MAKE PIZZA OUT OF DEAD CATS. MEN 21/04/2011: GLU release party, Tammany Hall, New York 02/07/2011: Licker License, Glasslands, Brooklyn 06/07/2011: Blackout Bar, Greenpoint, Brooklyn 13/07/2011: Cooper Square Hotel, New York 09/08/2011: Home Sweet Home, New York 16/08/2011: Home Sweet Home, New York, w. the Raincoats 23/09/2011: Santo's Party House 06/11/2011: Americanos Latinos Unidos, Brooklyn 15/11/2011: Home Sweet Home, New York 25/11/2011: Cité de la Musique, Paris 25/11/2011: Barbiturix After Party, Paris 26/11/2011: Berghain Kantine, Berlin 01/12/2011: Toilet Club, Milan 02/12/2011: Club Motherfucker, Corsica Studios, London 07/12/2011: Shade on Wednesdays, Flamingo, Berlin 10/12/2011: Old Blue Last, London 23/12/2011: Santa's Party House, NYC 2010 06/03/2010: China Chalet, New York 16/03/2010: Glasslands, Brooklyn 28/03/2010: Pianos, NYC 10/04/2010: 93 Feet East, London 21/04/2010: Puregroove Smithfields, London 08/05/2010: Crackbaby @ Monster Ronson, Berlin 11/06/2010: Tribeca Grand, New York 15/06/2010: Santa's Party House, New York 25/06/2010: Knitting Factory, Brooklyn 24/07/2010: 1234 Festival, Shoreditch 26/07/2010: Bruar Falls, Brooklyn 14/08/2010: Koncerthuset, Store Foyerscene, w. TV Baby and Hussle Club, NYC 21/09/2010: Santa's Party House, NYC 31/10/2010: Santa's Party House, NYC 31/10/2010: Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn 13/11/2010: Show Cave, Los Angeles 15/11/2010: Moustache Mondays, Los Angeles 20/11/2010: Mo Ma Raincoats, New York 07/12/2010: Home Sweet Home, New York 09/12/2010: Nachtmusik, San Francisco 10/12/2010: Living Arts Centre SF, San Francisco 2009 04/01/2009: Brave Exhibitions @ Old Blue Last, London 25/01/2009: PORK @ Ficken 3000, Berlin 21/02/2009: Skull, Athens 12/03/2009: The Star Bethnal Green, London 15/03/2009: Legion, London 03/20/2009: The Victoria, London 03/27/2009: Worship @ Shoreditch Church 04/19/2009: Maggot 2, London 05/01/2009: Ruff Club @ Annex 05/06/2009: PA Theatre of Living Arts w.

Skint 24/02/2011: Dixon's Place, Chrystie St, New York 11/03/2011: Deutsche Bank Towers, Frankfurt w. TV Baby, Beast Up 07/04/2011: Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, w.

© NO BRA 2018 01/20/2018: The Spectrum, Brooklyn (DJ set) 03/16/2018: Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn 04/ 28/2018: Tortura @ Secret Project Robot (DJ set) 05/18/2018: Shemale Trouble @ La Java, Paris 05/24/2018: Scivers @ Queen Adelaide, London 05/27/2018: South London Gallery (talk) 06/29/2018: Rama Em Flor, Lisbon 2017 10/03/2017: Ficken 3000, Berlin 29/03/2017: Vogue Fabrics, London 05/05/2017: American Whorer Party, Brooklyn 22/05/2017: Club Turd, The Gateway, Brooklyn 09/07/2017: Mustache @ The Lash, Los Angeles 18/08/2017: Queen Adelaide, London 01/09/2017: Kaiku Helsinki, Finnland 15/09/2017: ICA London 16/09/2017: ICA London (LFW) 22/09/2017: Vogue Fabrics, London 14/10/2017: Vogue Fabrics, London 17/10/2017: Orange Peel Frankfurt 28/10/2017: Vogue Fabrics, London 16/11/2017: Queen Adelaide, London (DJ set) 2016 01/05/2016: Trans-Pecos, Brooklyn 02/05/2016: OTS3 Fest, 192 Front Street NYC 03/10/2016: Baby's All RIght, Brooklyn 05/06/2016: Vogue Fabrics, London with Arca, Nkisi 05/12/2016: Off the Cuff, Brixton, London 05/14/2016: Motherfucker, The Garage, London 06/02/2016: Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto 09/23/2016: Queen Adelaide, Hackney Rd. The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black 11/14/2013: Envoy Enterprises, Rivington Street NYC 11/24/2013: Performa closing event, 3 Crosby Street, NYC 12/30/2013: Vogue Fabrics London 12/31/2013: Vogue Fabrics, London 2012 01/31/2012: [email protected], NYC 02/14/2012: Secret Project Robot w. NYC 7/18/2013: Printed Matter NYC 9/10/2013: Album release party @ Home Sweet Home NYC 9/13/2013: Silwex House, Quaker Street off Brick Lane London w. 9/28/2013: Black Rainbow, Suedblock Berlin 10/02/2013: Schwuz, Berlin 10/11/2013: East Bloc, London 10/14/2013: Vogue Fabrics, London 10/30/2013: Bowery Electric NYC w. Debbie Harry, James Chance, Fab 5 Freddy, Light Asylum 02/22/2013: Pyramid Club NYC 02/26/2013: Westgay @ Westway NYC 03/15/2013: Warehouse Party, 50 Taaffe Place, Brooklyn 03/18/2013: Bowery Ballroom with Savages 03/19/2013: Music Hall of Williamsburg with Savages 03/20/2013: Leftfield, NYC 03/31/2013: Santo's Party House w. Sean Lennon's Mystical Weapons 02/06/2013: TV Party at Le Baron NYC w.

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