Validating null in pl sql dating questions that are funny

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If, on the other hand, you include an explicit ELSE clause that does nothing, you state very clearly, “Don’t worry, I thought about this possibility and I really want nothing to happen:”My example here was of an IF statement, but the same principle applies when writing CASE statements and CASE expressions.Similarly, if you want to temporarily remove all the code from a function or procedure, and yet still invoke that function or procedure, you can use NULL as a placeholder.A field with a NULL value is one that has been left blank during record creation!Usually when you write a statement in a program, you want it to do something.One might assume that the program is supposed to do nothing.

To produce a report based on a selection, you can code: What should the program be doing if the report selection is not 'DETAIL'?The Oracle Database (8.1.6 version and above) is also needed which fully support Java Stored Procedures.If you download the XDK for Java and have an Oracle 8.1.6 Database or above, you can follow the following steps to build up the Java Stored Procedure and take advantage of XML Schema for data validation.A field with a NULL value is a field with no value.If a field in a table is optional, it is possible to insert a new record or update a record without adding a value to this field. Note: It is very important to understand that a NULL value is different from a zero value or a field that contains spaces.

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