Validating c input

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Google's common Java, C and Java Script library for parsing, formatting, and validating international phone numbers.

The Java version is optimized for running on smartphones, and is used by the Android framework since 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

PERL programmers and UNIX shell programmers have enjoyed the benefits of regular expressions for years.

In a nutshell the Xml Text Reader API provides a simpler, more standard and more extensible interface to handle large documents than the existing SAX version.There is direct support for namespaces, xml:base, entity handling and adding DTD validation on top of it was relatively simple.This API is really close to the DOM Core specification This provides a far more standard, easy to use and powerful API than the existing SAX.Here is an example extracted from reader5in the sources which extract and prints the bibliography for the "Dragon" compiler book from the XML 1.0 recommendation: f = open('../../test/valid/REC-xml-19980210.xml') input = libxml2.input Buffer(f) reader = Text Reader("REC") res="" while reader. The Expand() operation does not affects the Read() ones, however usually once processed the full subtree is not useful anymore, and the Next() operation allows to skip it completely and process to the successor or return 0 if the document end is reached.Validating user input is the bane of every software developer’s existence.

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Libxml2 also provide a SAX based API, but that version was designed upon one of the early expat version of SAX, SAX is also not formally defined for C.

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