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Entry into primary care and continuity: the effects of access. It is parallel in content to the consumer/client survey.

Measuring attributes of primary care: development of a new instrument. Cassady C, Starfield B, Hurtado MP, Berk R, Nanda JP, Friedenberg LA. Ahigh school reading level is required to self-administer the questionnaire. Respiratory symptoms and use of medical care associated with child day care and health care plan among preschool children. The Consumer/Client Survey (both adult and child editions) is designed to collect information from consumers or family caretakers regarding their experience using health care resources. All surveys are based on self-report by patients or providers. Tonsillectomy and ade-noidectomy in one Canadian province. Effectiveness of medical care: validating clinical wisdom. Income inequality, primary care, and health indicators.

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Separating fad from fact: family medicine, primary care, and the role of health services research.

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