Vadim dating

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Vadim dating

But whereas PUA was solely interested in maximizing sex, Red Pill demands more.

In fact, Red Pill despises PUA, calling it a traitor to masculinity.

Based on outward claims by its authorities, Red Pill is admittedly not a philosophy, but rather a “praxeology”.

Despite sounding like it was derived from Ancient Greek, and therefore lending more credence to the Red Pill claim of inheritance from ancient tradition, praxeology is a coined term from the 19th century that was supposed to refer to the science of human action.

The origin of the term “red pill” is from a scene in the film The Matrix, where the character Neo must decide if he wants to learn the unpleasant truth by swallowing the red pill, or accept a pleasant lie by swallowing the blue pill.

Reading Red Pill tracts and literature, as well as the many threads on message boards, one notices the recurrent theme of men’s anger and resentment.Red Pill believes that men have lost touch with their masculinity due to the shift in the social expectations of modern Western culture, and that these masculine features are those craved by women.These features include a strong unshakable character and leadership quality, among others.As far as Red Pill claims not to be based on principle, but action, its goal is simple and spelled out on its Reddit sidebar.Red Pill is an amoral strategy to maximize sexual opportunity for a man with a woman.

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