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Mimi Bullock's writing reflects her love of traveling the back roads of small towns and sampling the local cuisine.

As a regular feature writer for "Southern Hospitality Traveler" and journalist for "Beachin' Magazine," she gets to experience the rich heritage of the southern culture.

Try bungee or base jumping with a group of singles at a legal location.

Start planning this kind of vacation early to reserve your spot with a sporting group.

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Or, your adventure trip can involve deep-sea fishing from a chartered yacht, taking a hot air balloon across the countryside or exploring ancient ruins at Stonehenge or at a Mayan location.

Many train services offer adventure trips that include majestic scenery and elegant railway dining.

Packages flying into Cancun but staying in Cozumel require supplemental ferry transfers at an additional cost.

In some instances, pricing may specifically apply to one of multiple flights on select departure days.

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Please see the individual air carrier's website for a full detailed description of baggage charges before making your purchase.