Updating video drivers in xp

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Updating video drivers in xp

You will see other video driver files, such as VGA640. To install a video driver, for instance the most useful VESA1280. If a lower resolution fits the screen/laptop better, then choose one of these from the supported resolution list on the Autotrax under DOSBox page.

To run Autotrax under DOSBox 0.74 it is best to use vesa1280

The only original protel video driver that works reliably on modern hardware is VGA640. These drivers, to atleast 1024x768, have also been run under XP, win2k, OS2 and dosemu 1.02.0 on suse8.1 kernel 2.4.19 and debian.

The 640x480 standard driver supplied with autotrax (vga640) seems to work with just about any system that can run Autotrax natively.

When Autotrax starts it incorporates whatever is named GRAPH. If you happen to have Protel Schematic V3.31, the same graphics driver will also work for that package.

Other than that, installation under DOSBox is a cinch, and none of the trouble shooting info below should concern you - to complete a DOSBox Autotrax install, click here.

Select a setting from the list generated on the system, and match it up against a driver available from Air Born Electronivs.

You can choose which ones to update, and which ones to keep as is.

You can also schedule regular scans to keep your existing drivers up-to-date.

Click whether you want Windows 7 to automatically search for the driver software or not.

If you previously downloaded the new driver, click "Browse My Computer For Driver Software" and locate the correct file to install.

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