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Turns out I needed to log into my US i Tunes account. No issues so far with any Apps however have noticed when double tap before you close an App there is a delay between the background disappearing and the foreground showing opaque which gives the appearance of a "bounce" which looks strange. However I think a lot of people now want to see a visual change as people are getting a bit sick of the same look on the home screen.

Haven't noticed anything different this time around except it seemed to require more space than usual to install? Just wondering for those that are on Beta 7, whether they see the update?

I've submitted feedback for previous betas and never had this issue, so this seeems to be a new issue. I might try without the screenshot next time to see if it helps.

Funny enough you can submit feedback for the Feedback app as an option!

changes-bugs-and-fixes.2011325/ New feature while I will be trying out today is the ability to only show mail and message previews while the phone is unlocked. Yes yes I know, it's a beta and shouldn't be used as a daily driver, but considering the i OS 10 Betas have actually been pretty good, I'm considering it, since there's a couple of little bugs that annoy me since the 10 release.

I usually don't show previews at all but now being able to see them and respond straight away while unlocked is certainly a good feature, for me at least. What's the general timeframe for 10.2 to go stable public?

No tease to enable Siri (nor voice control back) or verifying my Apply ID again either. Anyways, I'll re-check later on to see if all my devices (7 , SE, Air 2) that are on beta 7, recognise the official release. I deleted my profile and it still says my beta 7 is the latest so that's why I'm thinking beta 7 is the same build as the GA. Not much can I see has changed, thou I don't know if its my phone, or the OS right now cause every time I rotate I get a black screen till I move it around and it recovers My first hunch was putting the device into a silent, dimmer mode so you didn't annoy other theatre goers if you used your device during a movie in a cinema (?? appealing to (and validating the actions of) a small group of effwits who everyone else wants to throw Jaffas at or worse (recalling an episode of Californication where Hank took exception to some mobile-phone-using-tool during a movie and dealt with it "Hank-style", ie the way most of us would want to :) ). Link: Theatre Mode info so far (rumour) "Theatre mode is more likely to be like the cinema mode on your TV, which tweaks the colour range and brightness controls to give you an image closest to what the movie maker generally intended.

/12/12/apple-releases-ios-10-2/ However, I'm on beta 7, but it's not telling me I have a software update? Cinema mode on your telly assumes you’re watching a movie in a dark room and ramps up the brightness — and that could well be what a theatre mode does on your i Phone too." Of course knowing Apple anything can change.

One issue just happened today where the haptic feedback stopped working. The Wi-Fi had been glitching out on me big time on the new hardware and n-1.

Just turned the setting off and back on and it started working again. Both previously solid as a rock so not sure what they're trying to do in this space but hope it's not a sign of things to come.

Same problem here, submitted something last night and still compressing.

Are you not able to install it yourself and have a go, and if it doesn't work, go back to the 10.1?

You have an issue with me asking someone, who clearly doesn't mind?

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I have i OS10.2 installed, removed the beta profiles some time ago. Please update from the ios 10 beta." come up on my screen every time I unlock my phone.

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