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You'll see the following display, centered on your grid square - the one entered on your Station Data window.The Grid Square display has a few additional features, in a right-click menu.Another method used which gives more control is the separate program called by Carel, PC5M.Check it out in the Links chapter chapter and the Third Party Software chapter..When the frequency is above 1 GHz the band will be shown in cm, not the exact frequency in the Entry window.When entering QSOs it's easy this way to recognize the band in which you log.

If you instead extract the new version directly on top of your old version, rather than in a new directory, you should follow the instructions described in Back up existing files and the database: otherwise, if you've made any customizations you may erase them in a way that leaves you with no reference to re-apply them from.Call history lookup is enabled with the option Update Call History with current log'.This function will fill the call history table with the contents of the currently selected log.See the 432000,12 example where a correction is being made of 120 Hz.Great to have to be right on the packet cluster spots!

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Use run While the upgrade scripts are well-maintained and robust, things could still go awry.