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Updating old reader boards

We took these…3 solid oak commercial grade doors and turned them into…

STEP 1: DEMO THE OLD COUNTER TOPS First, we ripped out the ancient 1950′s laminate countertops, the old laminate top is what we used to create a template for the cuts.

I understand that she just wants the best for me, but honestly I think she is in denial about how bad the job market is at the moment for recent college graduates (especially since both of my majors are in the humanities).

She thinks that just because I graduated college, I should be able to find a prestigious job.

She asked if we were going to cut on them, like butcher block.

We do not use them as a cutting surface, but I think as they get worn in they will still be beautiful. Thanks for sticking through to the end of our wooded countertops .

STEP 2: CREATE TEMPLATE FOR NEW COUNTERTOPS AND CUT It was as easy as laying the old countertop on top of the wooden door and tracing the shape.

Still a nice product for countertops, but we had to add a veneered edge so the interior particle board would not show. I lined the top edge of the the veneer with the top edge of the countertop and started ironing.The stain was applied by brushing it on using even strokes.We allowed it to penetrate through the wood a few minutes and then wiped the excess off with a soft rag (basically we followed the directions on the container).Granted, it does not offer many benefits and the pay is .00/hour, but I am also from an area where the job market is very dismal at the moment.This job is so I can start saving money to go to graduate school and to become self-sufficient from my parents, along with gaining valuable work experience since I will be the person putting all of the office procedures into place.

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After two coats of stain and 24 hours of drying time…was time for the protective finish, polyurethane. It was applied with a lambs wool applicator (you can find these in Lowe’s in the wood floor re-finishing section).

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