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The XDS200 is available as a standalone debug probe (check section 3 below) or can be embedded on a development card (DSK, EVM, etc.). The Texas Instruments' reference design for XDS200-class has the following features (Please check your vendor for hardware details): There are some XDS200 products on the market from both Spectrum Digital and Blackhawk.

Some models provide different host interfaces such as USB and Ethernet, while others offer features such as power consumption measurement.

In general they work well in Windows, therefore proceed with the update at your own risk as the JTAG debugger may be bricked and only recoverable by returning the board for repair.

When using multiple debug probes in the same host, it is necessary to set different serial numbers and enable its usage on the Debug Probe firmware.The user may obtain a clone of the default time zone by calling Furthermore, each of these names may be LONG or SHORT.The SHORT form is typically an abbreviation, e.g., "PST", "PDT".To find out what is the serial number of all connected debug probes, follow steps 1 and 2 above, then locate the option serial Num If you want to set the serial number to a specific value: At this point you may unplug this probe and repeat the operation for the subsequent probes.The XDS200 allows using multiple modes of operation through the option JTAG / SWD / c JTAG Mode of the Target Configuration Editor: Check the section 3 above.

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