Updating database through datagrid vb net

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Updating database through datagrid vb net

This tutorial provides a brief introduction to developing database applications with Visual Basic through a series of nine step-by-step exercises.

Notes: When you use the Data Control in a project, the properties that must be set are Database Name and Record Source, in that order.If the user attempted to update the record at that point, a run-time error would occur.To prevent this from happening, you should move the user to a valid record immediately following the delete.The Data control does a lot for you "behind the scenes" and you may be tempted to use it in your applications, but be advised that the Data control is rarely used in professional applications – the norm is to write your own database access code so that you have complete control over the process.These exercises are worthwhile in that you can see what data bound controls are all about, but again be advised that they should not be used for professional application development. On a default installation of VB6, these databases can be found in the folder: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VB98.

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Move back to the last record to verify that your data is still there.

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