Updating boot support partitions for the volume

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Use “sudo dd if=source of=dest” to copy the EFI partition from the Clover CD and overwrite the EFI partition on the hard disk.

The Clover CD is the one with the “linux filesystem” on it, and the main hard disk is the one with the large Apple_APFS container partition on it.

Answer the initial install questions, and you’ll be logged on!

(Note that you’ll probably want to hold off on logging into your i Cloud account until you’ve configured your SMBIOS to your liking in Clover Configurator) We’re currently booting using Clover from the attached CD image. Pop open Terminal and run “diskutil list” to see what drives we have available.

Although it has a file extension, this is actually a hard disk image.

On a Mac machine, download the mac OS High Sierra installer from the App Store (this will download it into your Applications folder). Some people will end up with a 16MB installer, and some will receive the full 5GB installer (nobody knows why yet).

We’ll be using Clover as a bootloader for High Sierra.

Download this Clover disk image (that I built using kholia’s build script from Clover r4428), unpack it, and upload it to Proxmox’s ISO store at /var/lib/vz/template/iso.

Stop the VM and start it again to pick up this new keyboard config. Press enter to boot the “Boot OS X Install from Install mac OS High Sierra” entry and the installer should appear. Our virtual hard drive needs to be erased/formatted before we can install to it, so select the Disk Utility option.

Follow the steps below to format the disk: After the first stage of installation, the VM should reboot itself and continue installation by booting from the hard drive.

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I’ll assume you already have Proxmox 5.1 installed.