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It is not only us overclockers flashing our video card’s BIOS, this day and age just about everyone has, had to, or will need to flash the BIOS of their video card.I have been tweaking the video cards BIOS for years now.You can use just a USB flash drive, but that USB flash drive has to be able to boot into DOS mode, I found it easier just to use a boot-able CD/DVD, and use a USB flash drive, then it is trying to make a USB flash drive DOS boot-able.

Just in case things go south, as they do sometimes, we can recover with a BIOS that works. Make sure your USB flash drive was plugged in prior to booting into DOS.You will have your files on the root directory of the USB flash drive.If you don’t see the flashing utility and your BIOS on the root directory, either A) the USB flash drive is not plugged in the computer, turn off computer reset USB flash drive, or B) you are not using a FAT 16/32 file system on the flash drive.It is not required, but I seriously recommend a back up video card.It does not matter what manufacturer or if it’s a PCI-E or PCI.

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One of these ways is somewhat unorthodox; this way is called “Blind Flashing” or what I like to call “A Wing and a Prayer Flashing”, because we have no idea if the flash took hold until we reboot the computer.

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