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Updating aol is for crap

The album-orientated Tull sound emerged around 1972, with Thick As A Brick. Although the I disagree with you on the best song on SW. Tull is in the middle of a US tour just after completing a European tour. One thing they are not a that is a band hanging on to the hits from the past like some many of the bands touring these days. I enjoyed reading your reviews (your humor is pretty good too) and appreciate the work you put into your site.Before that, they released a bunch of fantastic, light-hearted pop singles which can mostly be found on Living In the Past (10/10 for that one). Sam Thirouin (scthir.1st.net) Probably one of the most eclectic rock (if you want to categorize it somewhere) groups in history, Jethro Tull have always been my favorite in all the years I have known of them (1971, with Aqualung). RHenn com Minstrel, Too Old to Rock n' Roll..., and Songs From the Wood.Plus, there quite a few people in this world who own the Original Masters compilation, and heck, I read somewhere that Ian Anderson is the richest rock musician in the world (though that might be more due to his catfish farms than to record sales).Despite this, however, there really aren't that many hardcore Tullers in the world (which may be for the better, judging from the demeanor of some of the fans I've come across on the net). If one were to ask 100 Joe Schmo classic rock buffs what they thought of when they heard the name "Jethro Tull," virtually every single one would mention the menacing opening riff to the title track of Aqualung.

Some folk, a smidge of classical, a touch of hard rock and a pinch of blues, all mixed just right with the unusual personality of frontman Ian Anderson.There's also the unfortunate fact that (with a couple of exceptions, of course) his post-seventies work ranges from mediocre to outright garbage, as he dabbled first in electronics and then moved to generic heavy-metal, where he pretty much stayed ever since.BUT, the amazing quality of the band's output through '72, plus the fact that they were (and are, to an extent) an amazing live band and that Ian _did_ pull out a couple of very good albums after the band's peak guarantees the group a rating of four out of five on my scale.ethro Tull is one of those weird bands that is simultaneously famous and almost completely unknown.They actually do get a fair amount of radio play, with Aqualung contributing its fair share of standards to a station's playlist, and it's not that unusual to hear a 5 minute, condensed version of Thick as a Brick.

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He became much more concerned with flooding the world with poetic manifestations of his views on God, organized religion and how much critics hated him than with making the kind of entertaining music he had been able to do before ...

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