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And then the story lines combine with each other, dominant men appear, girls go two-timing, and everyone’s ugly face is revealed in the second half of the volume.I only have loathing for characters who are, either or in turns: cruel to each other, selfish, manipulative, remorseless, self-centered or simply pushovers.

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This is overkill Each panel is cluttered to the maximum with action.

It’s like it would have been a sin to leave blank spaces without half naked bodies copulating Somehow, it makes the action a bit hard to “read”, it requires greater focus to get a hang on of what is happening, I felt.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to MHM who volunteered to see the tank finally done; I doubt we’d have had the manga finished and decensored if it weren’t for him By Arsenal, I also share Hatsujou Sex Days (“Mating Sex Days”, 198 pictures), Devil Cherry Pie (198 pictures), In The Kneesocks Girl (210 pictures), What His Little Sister Likes, Honorable Young Lady’s Knoweledge On Sex, I My Me Mine chapter 1 and Hajimete No Otojou Jiri.

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The drawings have a gentle and yet intense enough touch, it was extremely pleasant to behold In terms of yuri action, this is kissing and using a dildo, no tribadism and only a tiny bit of licking and finger play.