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From a survey taken by Robert Weiss, a counselor who works with sex addiction.A survey of 487 male college students by researchers at the University of Arkansas found that the more young men watched porn, the more likely they were to use it during sex and request pornographic acts from their partner.On the flip side, the women they date become the equivalent of a song they can't stop playing over and over again even though they've heard it a million times.

One girl told the story of how, when she was 12, her then 12 year old “boyfriend” sexually assaulted her.

When someone asks you what the sexiest part of a man's body is, you say something completely random and nonsexual like "ample calves" or "I love a good neck." A lesbian friend of mine once said she loved Liam Payne's hands. You still date guys, but you always end up feeling more like their friend than their swooning ~*girlfriend*~ who loooves them.

If you're primarily cruising a hot guy's ASAP and let yourself feel whatever you're going to feel. A ton of queer women I know who date men will talk about how they think they're hot but they don't feel like they ever actually connect with them.

The Daily Mail, January 21, 2018More to infidelity than simply sowing your oats According to a new study, researchers have found seven reasons why people cheat.

A team of American researchers surveyed 495 adults with an average age of 20 years.

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Sometimes you even get kind of afraid to masturbate because confronting the fact that almost every single one of your masturbation fantasies involves you and your friend from work fingering each other in the office bathroom with zero guys around makes you wonder what the hell is up.