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Get dating statistics and information for your specific state and city to be one step closer to finding your one true love. The guys that I go out with either end up leaving me or have some problems like pot, alcohol or dating several at the same time but not letting me in on this.

In other words, a woman may know that her boyfriend is prone to cheating, but she ignores these tendencies.Our radar seems to just “hone in” on partners who feel comfortable to us, even if the comfort level is not a good one.Hence, we may find ourselves drawn to “thrill-seekers” or engaging alcoholics or players because their behaviors remind us of other significant relationships with parents or former loves.The moment when two people begin their relationship, or realize that they are in love with one another, will be special in itself, and does not need a fancy setting.In fact, you may be surprised at how ordinary dates can seem extremely romantic under the circumstances.

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Trusting a new person is hard and yet I really want a new relationship.

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