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Samir knows trouble and persecution lie ahead because he has done the unthinkable. Knowing how hard it would be for some to break away from life long bonds to different customs/traditions/religions; but yet so important to gain eternal life --- this is what Jesus meant when He said the following: Recommended movies on this subject of women treated as slaves and property in Islam: "Not without my daughter" starring Sally Fields, which is based on a true life story of an American woman who married a Muslim man.The first and second chapters examine the life of Muhammad and the creation of the Koran, which is fascinating and eye-opening.The fourth chapter shows Islamic misogyny, use of slavery throughout the centuries (and still in practice today!!), and debunks the ridiculous assertion that there was a "golden age" of Islam.The third chapter, "Jihad Without End", is simply frightening.It chronicles the spread of Islam over the last thousand years, and the massive cultural devastation, human suffering, and loss of innovation that went with it.Unable to believe his ears, Abdullah asked for an explanation.

the "infidels") by millions of radical Muslims, and yet many people don't even want to acknowledge that there is a problem!This chapter, more than any other, is the most savage rebuttal of people that insist that Islam is "tolerant" or a "religion of peace".Never, in its entire history, has Islam even approached anything resembling tolerant or peaceful, and anyone that has bothered to actually read history knows it.A knowledge of history and a good eye for observation reveal this worldview as the hoax that it is, but these people are both blind and deaf when it comes to annoying little things like "facts".The sixth and final chapter paints the bleak picture of Western Europe and (to a lesser degree) North America as countries that refuse to open their eyes to a culture that is completely at odds with Western ideals of democracy and human rights.

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Not only was he rejected by his family, he had no source of income, and could not get a job because he was considered a betrayer.