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Timeline for dating

We like to put guidelines and stigmas on couples, creating extra stress and weight to the already very delicate balance of relationships. Don't let anyone tell you you're spending too much time in it because isn't that the end goal of it all? Who cares if you’re engaged, or you’re still just “hook-up buddies” after two years.

If I’ve learned anything about falling in love, it’s that there is no timeline to it. Life's too short to waste another second refusing it. It’s your life and your relationship, and anyone who’s judging it clearly needs to get his or her own.

How to know if the time is right to commit into a relationship: Expectation Level: COMMITTED This is a stage where the both of you are in a committed relationship and are trying to build a strong foundation for a lasting relationship.

It should be expected that the both of you would try your best to build this relationship together & make space for each other in your hearts & lives.

Don't give up a single day for one singular opinion.

No relationship is the same, and people who think they've had what you have are as delusional as those who think a specific timeline will save their relationship.

No one else is planning a future with you, and no one else should have an opinion about it. There's no right or wrong way to live, just trials and errors.

There’s neither a set course nor allotment of years that makes it right. Some wait years to fall in love; others find it in a moment.

How can you time relationships if you can't time love?

We have limited time here, and suppressing the one thing that makes you happy is just wasting it.

If you want to spend every day with the person you love, spend every day with him or her.

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Constantly analyzing it and changing its speed causes internal damage that's going to cost a lot to fix later. You can't fit love into a time frame any more than you can fit space into a box – it's too expansive.

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