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The head of the Bridge Day Commission (Sharon Cruikshank), even emailed me to ask if I'd come back and organize Bridge Day BASE jumping if the fingerprint plan was removed.She offered to not increase the per jumper fee that is paid by me to the BDC.Instructions on how to operate, maintain, and inspect the human catapult were not provided by us, so keep this in mind if you decide to trust your life to it.

According to initial reports from the BDC, the proposed new fingerprint plan will check a database that searches for fugitives, warrants, and sex-offenders.

An online poll on a BASE jumper forum indicated less than 3% would attend Bridge Day 2015 with hundreds of jumpers weighing in on the subject. They contacted the local Chamber of Commerce and complained about the fingerprint plan.

Shortly thereafter, a BDC meeting was held and they voted to proceed with the fingerprint plan. Some of us answered questions for newspaper articles and radio interviews.

On January 21, 2015, a Bridge Day Commission meeting was held to discuss the opposition to fingerprint scans.

I couldn't attend due to a work commitment in San Diego, but several jumpers attended and voiced their concerns.

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Personal information was collected by the Bridge Day 2001 coordinator at that time, but a few weeks prior to the event, the BDC voted to cancel Bridge Day 2001.

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