Taylor swift dating list can online dating be safe

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Taylor swift dating list

Taylor Swift has earned a reputation for being a serial dater, thanks to her affinity for writing love songs—and coyly revealing who they're about.Through the years, she has been linked to several heartthrobs, some true, some rumored.

Although, it is pretty hard to keep it all straight!

Wearing an 'I Heart TS' tank top while frolicking in the ocean doesn't exactly help one's chances of becoming James Bond.

He opened up about a relationship many assumed to be weird PR stunting - and that tank top - in an interview with GQ: "The truth is, it was the Fourth of July and a public holiday and we were playing a game and I slipped and hurt my back.

DO Show Your Love for Her Cats: She has two—Meredith and Olivia—and they're like her children.

DON'T Expect to Walk the Red Carpet Together: The pop star has never made a "red carpet debut" with any of her previous boyfriends.

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Case in point: She and Alwyn have been flying under the radar for months in the U. DON'T Make Plans on the Fourth of July: You know she throws a massive party DO Accept Her Invitation to Go Antique Shopping: She's a big fan of collectibles.