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Take good photo online dating

If you’re feeling more mysterious, then using a photo where you’re not smiling or looking away isn’t such a bad idea.

It’s probably best to have an expression of some sort (the blank stare isn’t a good look for most of us), but it’s up to you to decide what sort of attitude you feel like putting out there.

Remember, people on dating sites go into your profile knowing nothing about you, so it’s a good idea to give them as much context as you can, as quickly as possible.

Use a high-quality, well-lit photo (preferably taken by someone else) Selfies actually don’t fare too badly on online dating sites, but if you have a DSLR and a friend with a good eye, this might be the time to enlist their help.

The photo should highlight the subject and the subject only.” He suggests cropping or zooming a photo to remove the superfluous space around you.

Especially if you are only featuring one photo, avoid other people stealing your glory.

Selfie One of the number one complaints people have about online dating profiles has something to do with people posting selfies.

Of course, many people may have their own preferences about which side is their best, and that’s ok.

Photos that show you being engaged with your surroundings show viewers more of your personality.

Close-up, cropped pictures are awkward and give the impression that you’ve just cut yourself out of a bigger picture.

And of course, make sure your photo is at a quality fit for internet (at least 72 pixels per inch). Don’t touch it up much While some light filtering and touching up can make your photo pop, too much editing detracts from the feeling of authenticity.

According to Smithsonian Magazine, when men saw touched up photographs of women, they deemed them “less trustworthy,” possibly because of the suspicion that they were being “catfished” (that is, lured in with a fake photo).

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