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Sydney dating services sydney dating site

Due to its location in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are reversed in Sydney.

February is still summer time, so the weather is hot and sunny with high humidity, caused by the chance of the occasional down pour.

Temperature In February, the average daytime temperatures in Sydney stay around the 23°C mark while high temperatures can hit a scorching 26°C on some days.

The average minimum temperature rarely ever drops below 19°C which means that night times are still warm.

Two headlands shelter the beach and give it a secluded feel, despite its fairly central location amid the North Shore coastline.

The beach laps up good currents, making it ideal for surfing and bodyboarding at this time of the year, while its bespoke rock pool accommodates less adventurous or experienced swimmers.

The Bathers' Pavilion serves up modern European cuisine with plenty of seafood alongside over 250 wine choices.February is the most ideal time to visit Sydney if you like very hot climates, as it is the one of the warmest months of the year in the city.Average Sunshine Hours There's also plenty of sunshine in Sydney in February.This makes a great place for a light lunch or evening meal after a day enjoying the beach.The Bathers' Pavilion is another ocean-front gem located across the harbour in beautiful Balmoral.

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The dining and drinking scene in Sydney is simply world-class and there's an enormous range of options to choose from, no matter what your budget or palate requires.

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