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Sturmey archer hub dating

Gearbox internals revised for 350cc/500cc models and external kickstarter stop removed.The 'Ulster' now came with an optional 90 MPH guarantee at £75 and a 100mph guarantee at £85.1927 - '100MPH' racing machine offered to special order.1928 - First saddle tank machines fitted with internal expanding drum brakes.Dirt Track model introduced.1929 - Ulster model added to the range after Graham Walker's Ulster G. win, along with a JAP engined 250cc (OHV or SV) and parallel 4 valve 350cc.

Other than that, everything was in perfect working order. Everything worked as smoothly as if it was new, instead of 27 years old! ) 4237546 'Coffee' (dark metallic brown) 27" x 1 1/4" (front and back) self adjusting, wire-operated Sturmey-Archer internal 3 speed, type: AW, year: 1974 Full closed chain-guard Technical.250cc gained a true oil bath chaincase.1934 - Ulster now rear magneto with the newly introduced aluminium bronze semi-radial cylinder head. 500cc gearbox internal ratios standardised (no longer different for Special and Ulster).1935 - First 2 valve 250cc introduced - the Tourist. Special engine capacity changed to 495cc from 499cc. 500cc Competition model catalogued.1936 - Last year of the fully radial 4 valve 250cc (250cc Sports). Ulster cylinder head casting revised to cure weaknesses. 250cc gained its own gearbox (basically a scaled down 500cc item).Parallel valve 500cc road machines (Special & Ulster) now had the magneto mounted behind the cylinder.

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