Splashfighters updating configuration file

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If the version stored in the key is greater or equal to the one provided the update is not to be installed.;aiu; [My Editor45] Name = My Editor 4.5 URL = = 3023788 MD5 = e944a9cb690d9c4e92486298c90a083f Registry Key = HKLM\Software\My Editor\Information\Version Version = 4.5 Flags = Critical This configuration will enable the updater to verify the user's license.It verifies whether the license is valid and has not expired.Thrilling Action MMORPG set to the backdrop of a mystical Japanese history, with monsters and legends roaming the land.

Now let us open the file "Test App Setting config" and modify the value to "OFF" and save the file.The value is shown as "OFF" and even the config value is refreshed with "OFF" now: Figure: Showing value as OFFFigure: Settings in the config file So now let us see how we can make the application to refresh itself so that it reads the modified values from the configuration file.To do that the Configuration Manager has a method called Refresh Section(string section Name).MMmmmmk, well itz been bout 3 dayz, and ever since i tried to reinstall due to a glitch where i got the message that the Lucky draw was sold out, and ever since then i cannot redownload the dumb patches.I get the exact error~~~~ "Downloading the latest file failed If the network is too busy now, try it again later" Now you would think, why don't you go ask those people working so hard at cyberstep, well i did, i was told to retrieve my old client, after 2 days, and i told them specifically that i UNINSTALLED.

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NET applications we encounter two types of configuration files.