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Speed dating tips and tricks

Stay on the line without looking down.—Doug Joachim, a certified barefoot running coach in New York City The “third-world squat” (sometimes called “third-world chair”) can work wonders in changing your running stride.

It’s a deep, comfortable squat, with feet shoulder-width apart and seat almost touching the ground.

It also builds core strength by forcing your abs to engage to help you balance.—Cindy Slansky, RN, a competitive runner and CEO of Green Paxx Many coaches try to improve stride by asking runners to consciously modify their form (take shorter steps, land on the front of the foot instead of the heel).

Many runners hold tension in their upper body, which can make your regular run feel twice as hard.

Try this simple trick to check yourself: Roll up a sheet of paper and run with it for a few minutes (as if you were holding a baton in a 400-meter relay).

This is especially true for runners who are heel-striking—analysis shows that even on hard surfaces, barefoot runners who strike with their forefoot generate smaller collision forces than heel-foot strikers.

Here’s a great drill to teach your body to land on your forefoot: Using a line of tape on the ground, practice jump roping with one leg while landing on the forefoot.

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This circular motion mimics cycling and allows fast turnover.—Andrew Chaddick Breathing is the No.