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at the prepared foods counter, we purchased 3 items: ravioli, green beans and fingerling potatoes.all tasted fine but unfortunately, both of us got sick!I found out through Boiron’s website she was totally wrong.I called the store this evening (August 30th) to complain and the acting manager Nancy simply blew off my complaint saying all Arnicas are the same.my wife vomited and had diarrhea in the middle of the night.you should clearly and thoroughly review your food preparation process!In June 2017, Whole Foods was acquired by Amazon for .7 Billion. I am sorry to hear about your experience at our Town and Country location, we will be forwarding this to the appropriate team to follow up with you, but first may we also collect your preferred contact phone number, just in case we need further infomation?

I wish that your corporate staff would look into this location and bring a healthier way of eating to our community. Reply We desperately need a Whole Foods in the Lewiston-Auburn area of Maine, since you already have one in Portland. Hannaford’s and Shaws manipulate the area and are, primarily, catering to the underbelly or majority of the population in this area who are knuckledraggers and who are ignorant and not cognizant of the necessity, not luxury, of eating wisely, organically and healthfully.The company continued to grow in the 90s and the 100th location opened in Torrence, CA in 1999.There were several acquisitions in the 2000’s and the chain continued to grow.I said, if that were the case there would not be various potencies offered.She never apologized for the misinformation I had been given and simply suggested I return it.

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sincerely, hong son i had the same problem in the morning.

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  1. Door-to-Door Sales of Energy Related Products and Services (pdf) Energy related salespeople are misrepresenting themselves as Government of Alberta inspectors to Alberta homeowners and renters.