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Speed dating in burlington vermont

Many diner purists will only go to the traditional, authentic dining car diners that have roots going back to the early 20th century, although the blueprint for a diner was a horse-drawn wagon created in Providence, Rhode Island, by Walter Scott in 1872.Charles Palmer received the first patent (1891) for the diner building "fancy night cafes" and "night lunch wagons" in the Worcester, Massachusetts, area until 1901.Sometimes a part of the work day when traveling New England for my travel business, Visiting New England.com, I often sit alone at a diner reading the local newspaper.That isolationist presence -- contrasting with the community feel of a diner -- changes in a hurry, though.At the Patriots Diner in Woonsocket, Rhode Island -- where bright lights and clanging of plates from inside pleasantly contrasted with the morning’s stillness -- one could witness scenes of small town America collectively beginning its morning at this bustling diner.

I’d imagine it gives diner owners hope about their modest, humble businesses with customers providing a second ray of sunshine to complement the rising of the early morning sun.Additionally, diners often seem more authentically populist in nature than most politicians, not caring about your financial, political or economic beliefs -- the owners and staff are almost always just real people wanting you to be part of their “family.” While the proverbial, salt-of-the-earth waitress asking “What do you want, hon?” is often associated with diners, the welcoming nature takes on, obviously, many other forms of sincere words beyond that famous phrase.Often my attention will eventually shift from reading the bad news in the paper to soaking in the diners’ happy, “good news” atmosphere where I revel in hearing, and sometimes take part in the salt-of-the-earth, real conversations amongst almost always hard-working people and content retirees.Although each diner is distinct in its history, personality and food offerings, the common theme of comfort, friendliness and proud tradition happily takes me away from a frantic, societal hamster wheel world of cell phones, laptops, patented city and suburban road rage, and man-made noise (construction, trucks, mowers, leaf blowers, cable news “I’m right, you’re wrong” discussions -- you get the picture).

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You see, there’s really nothing like eating at a good old-fashioned diner when traveling the small towns, back roads and big cities in New England.