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In 2013, she featured in Mando & Chigi's song titled "He Says, She Says", and joined them to promote the song on several music shows.

Yang Jiwon was born in Seoul, South Korea on April 5, 1988.

니가 하면 (If You Do) (Stage Ver.) [#1] mori↑gatteyo (モリ↑ガッテヨ) Release Date: 20 Tracklist: 01.

To begin, Girls' Generation is South Korea's super group, being the most popular and most influential girl group in Korea, raking in millions of fans throughout the world and producing hit songs that keep all SONEs on their feet.

She was called Sihyun by her family since childhood, but was known as Park Juhyun when she debuted with Spica.

In October 2014, B2M Entertainment announced that Park was legally changing her name to Park Sihyun, and would go by that name for all her future activities.

On August 27, B2M Entertainment released a digital single, "Tonight", along with a music video which a single musically and visually influenced by soul music of the 1960s.

On August 25 2016, Spica made a comeback after two years with the title track "Secret Time".

Park Sihyun was born Park Juhyun on November 29, 1986 in South Korea.

Before debuting with Spica, she worked with producing team Sweetune, providing background vocals and harmonization for several Korean artists and groups.

She was also a vocal coach for Kara, Rainbow and Infinite under Sweetune.

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