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You slowly drift apart, and the very thing you were trying to avoid (losing her as a friend) happens anyway. It offers the perks also it provides its bummer times, but I believe dating up in age group is some thing that ladies must do at the very least as soon as in lifetime, even when it does not turn into some thing serious.You need to think to yourself, “Would I ask a cisgender woman this question?

Do NOT ask us about trans issues, what it’s like to live a day in our shoes or what our stance is on the treatment of trans women the world over. If the girl in question is a software engineer, you should probably ask her about that. Buy a few books on us if that’s your thing, educate yourself — the information is out there.

So, if you’re attracted to transgender women, here are a few choice rules in dating one. The questions change from, “What’s your favorite place you’ve ever been? ” It’s beyond frustrating, humiliating and degrading. If that’s not something that you want, then leave the nice young lady alone.

Well, I’ll attest to that being the reason I keep running into the same type of guy. And it’s not that these men don’t mean well, it’s just that they’re hurting their chances by remaining ignorant to a person that they’re clearly attracted to. This is an offensive slang that is used in the LGBT community, sometimes jokingly, but NEVER in civilized conversation. Many times, I’ve chatted with men in bars who were beyond sweet to me — opening doors and asking my interests — only to have the script flip when I reveal that I’m trans.

Looking back, I definitely put myself in what could have been a scary situation.

Being as inexperienced as I was (did I mention I was still a virgin?!

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), he could have totally manipulated me into all kinds of things–but lucky for me, this guy with his Big Bad Wolf reputation treated me like a princess.