Sex dating in campobello south carolina

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Sex dating in campobello south carolina

It also suggests that Ok Cupid’s more promiscuous daters haven’t actually migrated to other sites.

Whether it’s 2005 or 2015, Ok Cupid users are looking for love. Ok Cupid users today are less likely to judge someone based on their number of previous partners.

So 75 percent said they were looking for love, but 61 percent also said they’d consider a relationship built around casual sex.

The data leaves us with more questions than answers.

Ok Cupid has been asking its users questions about love, dating, and sex since 2005, and they just released a summary comparing the results from 2015 to the results from 2005.

They don’t seem to care about the number of previous partners someone has had, but they’re less likely to consider sex on a first date.

It’s interesting to note that people do still seem to care about someone’s number of previous partners — but not as many people as in 2005.?

Casual sex seems to be more commonplace today than it was in 2010, with an 11% percent increase in the number of people who were thinking about a purely sex-based relationship.

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(Meredith) -- Can you believe 2005 was just over a decade ago?

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