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Sanford framed this plan as a necessary market-based reform.In 2003, Sanford sought to reform the state's public college system.

Sanford rejected the Assembly's entire budget on June 13, 2006.

Later in his tenure, he embarked on a plan to reform methods of funding the state's public education system, including measures such as school vouchers– aimed at introducing more competition into the school system as a means of fostering improvement.

The plan, known as "Put Parents In Charge", proposed to provide around ,500 per child to parents who chose to withdraw their children from the state's public school system and instead send them to independent schools.

While in training in 2003, Sanford did not transfer power to Bauer, saying he would be in regular contact with his office, and would transfer authority in writing only if he were called to active duty.

Sanford sometimes had a contentious relationship with the South Carolina General Assembly, even though it was dominated by his party for his entire tenure.

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Seeing himself as a "citizen-legislator", he did not run for reelection in 2000, in keeping with a promise to serve only three terms in the House.